A Crazy story about a CrazPanda
This is the story of the Great Panda who went on a mission to discover the greatest source of intelligence in the Universe. All over the world, pandas are known for their playfulness, strength and carefree attitude. Zeniak was a panda born different from any regular panda. He was highly intelligent and wanted more for other pandas who spent most of their time eating bamboo and resting all day In his search for this source of intelligence, he came across an ancient scroll containing the secret location of ‘the source of intelligence’ Zeniak set out on a mission with his pack to this secret location.
After traveling for months and spending sleepless nights trying to transcribe the scroll, luck favored Zeniak and he found the source of intelligence to be a fountain of water right in the middle of a volcano. Only one crazy enough would deem it fit to continue but he did, he sought out this great power. Zeniak going through fire and brimstone, survived the feat with a vial of the fountain of intelligence and gave it to his pack, every panda with a little drop to taste.
’ Bummmm ‘’ the pandas , all transforming into mystic forms with eyes as bright as the sun and each body different from the other ,they could see the hidden treasure of the universe. They were in an astronomical space.
Are you crazy enough to embark on this quest ?