NFTs & Reward

CrazyPanda NFT is the base of the entire project and movement, a collection of 3500 Panda Nfts based on Binance Smart Chain lead by zeniak in search for the secret source of intelligence.


An immaculate collection of 3500 diverse pandas that grant you exclusive access to the Crazy Clan, where together, we build a virtuous community in which members can interact and share value through Exclusive merch drops, outdoor campaigns, collaborations with other crypto projects and world-renowned brands doing social good.

BNB Rewards

Users with CrazyPanda NFts will have Access to special reward pool where they can earn tokens and $BNBs accrued from Transaction tax
  • The staking returns will depend on the rarity of the Panda NFT, the rarer the character, the higher the APR.
  • The system continuously rewards NFT holders who stake in real-time and they can claim their rewards anytime.