$Bamboo Token

Crazypanda token known as $BAMBOO and officially represented by $BAMBOO are utility Tokens (have a wider range of use) that have real value and can be used for all transactions in the CrazyPanda Ecosystem. They are hosted on the fast permissionless BSC (Binance smart chain) network.


  • Name : CrazyPanda
  • Symbol : $BAMBOO
  • Network : BSC
  • Decimals : 18
  • Total Supply : 1,000,000,000


  • Game Access : players will need a minimum token requirement to access game and earn rewards
  • Game Transactions : All game transactions will make use of $BAMBOO as the base currency
  • Staking : stake to earn
  • Marketplace : $BAMBOO will be used for trading in the marketplace.
  • In future, CrazyPanda Team will actively be seeking & responding to opportunities to integrate $BAMBOO utility into major projects in the BSC Ecosystem.